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Vawlei Cung Hlasak Thiam Selena Gomez Nih Australia Mekang Harsatnak Tong Mi Caah Phaisa Tam Taktak A Hlut Hna

Vawlei cung minthang American singer Selena Marie Gomez nih Australia ram caah phaisa USD 500,000 bak a hlut hna. American singer Selena Marie Gomez hi 32.2 million Twitter followers a ngeimi a si i,American ram mipi lawng si lo in vawlei cung pumpi mino vialte hna nih kan uar mi a si.a mah baknih a chim ningah cun,””Absolutely devastated by the fires in Australia. Praying for everyone affected and all of the first responders. I’m making a donation and would love if you would consider doing the same if you can,” Selena wrote on Twitter.” tiah a chim.

Australia ram meikanghnak ruangah minung 24 an thih pin ah um nak inn lo a ngei bak lo mi hna hi minung 2,000 renglo an si.Inzuat Satil-Arva tam taktak an thi.Australia ram hi kum dang zongah November thla thok ka hrawngin meikangh hram a thok peng tawn na in a tutan cu khuaruahhar taktak in meikangh a chuak i,phalh khawh le hmih khawh a si bak lo tiah ‘Flinders Chase National Park’ nih a chim.

Cun,’Flinders Chase National Park’ nih a chim ningah cun hi meikangh ruangah saram phunkhat a si mi Kangaroo ti mi hna cu 60,000 renglo ruak kan char,Koala bear 50,000 renglo kan char fawn.mah saram a thi mi hna hi hmundang ta si lo in kan mah zohkhenh mi ‘Flinders Chase National Park’chungah kan zuak mi hna an si tiah an chim.

Cun,thlanglei Australia ram chung cu a tu ah hin hectare 100,000 tluk a kang dih cang.hi meikanghnak konghe pehtlai in Australia prime minister Scott Morrison nih cun meikangh ruangah thihlohnak a tongmi hna le inn lo ngeilo in a um mi hna,harsatnak a tong mi vialte hna cu kan i ngeihchiat pi hna i nan tuarnak ah kan in tuarpi ve hna tiah a chim. worldnewsforchin

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