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US Nih Covid-19 khamhnak Sii Vaccine A Cah Cang

US cozah nih AstraZeneca and Oxford University nih October thla thawk ah chuah an timhmi coronavirus ikhamhnak sii Vaccine cu 300 million dose cawk dingah an i cah cia cang. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar nih DHHS website i statement an chuahmi ah mah ikhamhnak sii cu hmual a ngeimi asi lai, side affect a um lai lo i, 2021 kum thawk ah mizapi nih ngah khawh dihmi a si lai tiah tuchun ah cathanh a chuah.

AstraZeneca company nih an chimnak ah US cozah tang ummi, the U.S. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority sin in Vaccine serchuahnak caah US$1 billion an kan pek cang tiah a chim. UK cozah zong nih $80 million an bawmh ve hna. Mah Virus ikhamnak sii cu AZD1222 tiah min an pekmi asi. Kan pum thisa thawnnak, immune system a tthawnter tu sii a si. Mah sii a chunmi hna cu Coronavirus nih a tongh hna zongah a hlan kho ti hna lai lo an ti. Wold Health Organization he zong vawleicung pumpi phawtzamh dingah riantuanti dingah ceihmainak an ngei chung cang.

Atu thal chungah hin Phase 3 clinical test nak an tuah lai i, minung 30000 nih volunteers in testnak an i tuah lai. Phase 1/Phase 2 clinical study cu April thla ah khan UK le US ah an thawk cangmi a si. US ahcun minung 1000 ah an test hna i an hlawhtling ngaingai ti a si.

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