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A Nupi A Phunciar Tam Tuk Ruangah Tlanglawng Ai Rialter +video

A lung dong cangmi pa pakhat cu tlanglawng lam ah a it i tlanglawng i rialter dingin timhtuahnak a ngei nain tlanglawng station a cawngtu police pawl nih tlanglawng a rat hlan deuh teah an chanh manh cu a si. Hi pa hi Cho timi a si i a nupi phun ciar a tam, a rian, a thla hlawh le a innchungkhar buainak a tam tuk caah a lung dong tuk cangmi a si.

Cu caah i thah law law dingin bia chahnak a ngei cang. A ral ttha ngaimi police 3 nih an va lak tthan i Cho cu lengah an chuahpi. Tlanglawng a phanh lainak ah minute 3 te lawng ai duh lio ah a si i Cho nih a nunnak a chanhtu police 3 cungah lawmhnak bia a chim. Thah ai tim caah dan tat a si lai le si lai lo cu an langhter ti loh.

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