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MMA Fighter Pa Nih Thil Rit Cawi Champion Pa A Thahnak Video

Russia ram MMA(Mix Martial Art) fighter pa le thil rit cawi zuamnak ah champion a simi cu lung tling tein i tthua dingin an i chim cia.

Thih zongah ttuanvo i lak piak lo dingin lung tlinnak an ngei cia i MMA fighter pa nih a kicknak cu thil rit cawi champion pa nih ai kham kho lo caah a nunnak a liam cu a si.

Lung tling cia he an i tthua a si ko hmanh ah MMA fighter pa cu kum 1 leng bia an ceih piak hnu ah thong kum 18 tla dingin bia an chah piak.

MMA fighter pa hi Anar, kum 26, a si i thil rit cawi champion pa hi Andrey, kum 32, a si. Thazaang thawng lawng hi i bochan pi tuk ding a rak si loh timi cu kan hmuh khawh.

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