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Kum 3 Lawng A Si Nain Holh Phun 4 A Thiammi Nute +video

The Return of Superman timi KBS TV program ah mah hi kum 3 hngakchia nute hi langhter a si ve i a thiamnak khuaruahhar cu an langhter. A pa hi South Korea miphun a si i a nu hi Switzerland miphun a si.

A tu ah cun kum 3 te lawng a si rih nain vawlei cung ram ngan le holh ngan a simi Germany, English, Spain le Korea holh phun pawl cu nal tein a chim kho cang.

A nu i a nu chihn(a pi) hi Spain miphun a rak si ve i a pi nih Spain holh in a chawnh tawnmi a si. Zei a si paoh ah a thluak a ttha hrimhrim timi cu a lang i kum 3 a si rihmi caah cun hi vialte holh phun thiam timi hi a har ngaimi a si. Cu caah Superman fanu tiah mi an peknak zong a si.

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