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Ni Khat Ah Beer Can 40 A Ding I Hi Ah Hin Ai Cang!!

Kum 20 a rak si lio tein beer nih a rak lem cangmi a si i beer din loin ni 1 te hmanh a rak um kho loh. Cu caah a tlawm cem ni 1 ah beer can 40 cu a ding.

A tu hi kum 37 lawng a si rih nain a ha te hna a vun a body te hna cu an rawk dih cikcek i a holh zong a fiang ti loh. Kum 36 a si lio tein a thin cu a ro dih cang.

Fa 4 a ngeih hna i a nunnak a dih lai tiang a pasal nih a umpi. A hlan a tlangval he an rak i tthen caah lung kuai in beer a ding i beer nih a lem len.

Sinain a tu a pasal nih a theihthiam i beer a din tuk buin an rak i tthi-um. A tu cu a dawt tukmi a pasal le a fa 4 cu a kal taak cang hna i a duh tukmi beer zong a kal taak cang.

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