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US President Thimnak Ah Angelina Jolie Ai Zuam Ve Lai

Theih cia bangin Angelina Jolie hi min thang Hollywood actress a si bantuk in a tu lio ah UN leipang upa pakhat zong a si.

A tu tiangah fan tampi a ngei i upat pek zong a tongmi a simi Angelina Jolie cu US president thimnak ah i zuam ve dingin ai tim cang tiah Harper’s Bazzar Magazine nih a langhter.

A bik in Angelina Jolie hi nu covo caah a dirmi a si i a tu li US president Trump he cun ai ralkahmi a si.

Mi cheu nih cun Angelina Jolie hi a tu a ttuanmi rian ah hin nu pawl covo caah dir ko seh tiah a duhmi an um bantuk in US president ttuan seh law nu covo hi a mah nih kau chin in zalennak tuah seh tiah a duhmi zong an um.
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