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F-35 A Tla Ruangah A Sertu US A Hmualpho

F-35 phun chungin F-35A phun a simi cu exercise a tuah lio ah a tla i pilot cu a tu tiang an hmu kho rih loh. A tlau liomi pilot hi F-35A he caan saupi a cawlcang tti cangmi senior pilot a si.

Mah hi F-35A hi US sin in Japan nih a cawkmi 12 chungah 1 a si. Mah hi F-35A hi Misawa Japan ralkap airport in a zuang hnu suimilam cheu ah connection a tlau tiah AFP nih a chim.

A tutan F-35A a tla hi a voi 1nak cem Japan air force ah F-35A a tla a si. Mah hi hnu cun F-35A zuangter hi Japan nih a ngol rih lai.

Japan nih a mah sermi F-4 timi jet fighter pawl a aiawhtu dingah US sin in F-35A 13 a cawk cang. F-35A 1 ah hin US dollar 90 million a si i a ttha cem jet fighter 2nak a si.

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