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A Paw Ah Kut Pahnih A Hleivuang In A Ngeimi Tleirawl Nu

Philippines ram i Veronica,kum 14, cu a paw ah kut 2 a hleivuang in ai chuahpi i phaisa an harsa ruangah operation i tuah kho loin kum tampi chung a um.

A tu cu bawmhnak a hmuhmi a tling cang caah Thailand ramah operation i tuah dingin a kal cang lai.

A kut hleivuang 2 i an tin pawl cu a tthang ve i riam piak an hau lengmang ve. Sinain rian balte cu a kut taktak bantuk in a fial kho hna loh.

A kum a upa rup in an tthang lian ve caah Veronica caah khing rit ngai an si. A tu cu rau lo teah operation ai tuah cang lai i mi dang bantuk in zalawng tein a um kho ve cang lai.

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