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Myanmar Nih A Mah Pumpak Satellite A Ngeih Ve Cang Lai

June thla chungah mah cu satellite cu van ah thlah dingin timhtuah a si cang i a min ah Myanmar Set-2 tiah an sak.

A man in tuak a si ahcun US dollar 155 million man a si i Myanmar thawngpang kawl/laknak, cyber security zungpi le Intelsat Global Sales & Marketing Limited nih a herh an ti dan paoh in an hman lai.

A ra laimi June thla ah van ah thlah a si lai i tu kum September thla in khin rian ttuan hram ai thawk ding a si.

A tu tiangah hin Myanmar nih a mah pumpak satellite a ngeih khawh lo caah ram dang satellite ai hlan cham.

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