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Pa Pawl Lung Siarem Lo Dingin A Tuahtu Nwe Nwe Thun Video

Top Myanmar model chungah ai tel vemi Nwe Nwe Thun nih pa pawl uar phun taktak in video thar ai thla i a ho hmanh nahchuah duh lo mu tiah a video thar a cungtlangpi cu a tar cu a si.

A ruang cu voi dang bantuk in a mah lawng si ti loin tlangval pakhat he yoga an la tti lio a si caah a si. Zan ah a si caah a mah he video ai la ttimi pa hi a ho a si timi fiang tein a lang loh.

A tlangval maw a si/exercise a la tti a hawi maw a si timi cu theih khawh a har ngai.

A tu lio ah hin a mah hi Myanmar mipi nih an uar lio taktak lio a si a tu bantuk in taksa tawngh tiangtiang in pa pakhat he an um caah pa pawl cu an siarem lo ngai.
REF:Nwe Nwe Thun

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