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Lawmhpi Cio U Sih! US Um Kan Laimi Football Chuih Thiam Bawi Uk Lian

Pu Thawng Lian Thang le Pi Meng Di an fapa Bawi Uk Lian a si. US, Indianapolis ah a ummi a si. Scholarship a ngahmi pawl cu Full right to University of Indianapolis major sport management Athletes scholar, 21st century le Bridge scholar a si i kum 4 kai a si i a tu hi a kum 3nak a si.

An khua(Ngalang) a um lio tein mi fel le zia ttha taktak a si i an bochan taktakmi a si. A tu hi US ram chung football club pakhat khat ah i tel khawh ve ai zuam lio a si.

An khua zong a mah nih kum 2 chung champion a lakpi cang hna. Cun a kainak sianginn ah siseh an mah lei Zophei football club ah siseh Best player a ngah lengmangmi zong a si.

Tu kum ah college a dih lai i kum voi January thla in training tuah awk ah Dallas ah a kal lai. Training a past ahcun US ram chung football pakhat khat ah official tein player a si cang lai.

Hi bantuk in kan Laimi chung in vawlei level thiamnak a ngeimi an um tikah lawmhpi le thazaang pek hi kan rian ngan bik a si.
REF: Mr.Mang ZaukNI

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