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Singapore Nu Cu A Mah A Thla Nih Thlalang Chung In A Tthih! +video

Hi nu hi hotel ah a hawile he siangiin khar caan paoh ah rian a ttuanmi a si i an i dinh caan ah kutke i thianhlimhnak room ah an kal tti hna i an kutke an i ttawl hna.

Hi nu a kut ai ttawl lio cu a hawi nu nih a thli tein a phone in video a lak i lau seh tiah a min in ai relh lo piin a auh.

Cu lio ah hi nu cu a lau tuk i a hnu lei ai her. Sinain thlalang chung i a langmi a muisam cu a kut ai ttawl ko! A hawinu cu a lau tuk a ttih tuk caah a zam colh.

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