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Movie An I Thla Lio Ah Ruah Lo Piin A Hni Ai Thlau +Zukcawl

MRTV-4 ah Seih Ih Che Ya timi video tawi cu an i thla hna i actress Wint Yamone Naing nih a thiamnak um-ek in ai zuam ve cu a si. Mah hi video ah hin actor pa nih mi sual pawl he an i vuak lio ah a hni ai thlau sual caah a rannak in director pa nih movie a tawlrel tu pawl cu a ngolter hna.

Mah hi video an thla ah hin zan ah mi sual pawl nih nungak nu cu tleih dingin an kulh lio ah actor pa nih a chanh ding a si i an i vua lio ah actor pa cu a hni ai thlau sual diam cu a si. Kawl video a tam u cu mah thiamnak tel loin chimh cham le cawnpiak cham a tam caah hi bantuk in a cang kho ngai tawn.
REF: Seih Ih Che Ya

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