Demoso Ah A Ummi ASC Infantry 120 Sakhaan Hriam Chiahnak A Kaang !Video Zoh Chih…..>>>.

Demoso ah a ummi SAC Infantry 120 sakhaan hrian chiahnak a kaang

karenni peng Demoso ah a ummi SAC Infantry 120 sakhaan hriam chiahnak cu september 24 chun ah fak piin a puak i a kangh leng PDF phu pawl nih hriamngan in an kah chao tiah KNDF nih a thanh.

Hriam chuahnak cu SAC ralkap pawl zong nih an khang khawh men mi a si tiah KNDF nih a shim.

September 23 zinglei ah Demoso peng chungah KNDF,KA,PDF phufonh le SAC ralkap karlak ah kahdohnak a chuak i kahdohnak chungah SAC ralkapnih hriamngan an kahnak hmunhma a sumi Infantry 120 sakhaan hriam chiahnak a kangh hi a si tiah theih a si .

SAC ralkap pawl nih meithah an i zuaam ko nain PDF nih hriamngan in an nolh chap hna caah puahkeh thawng pehzualh in a thang i zaanlei tiang a kaang tiah KNDF nih a thanh.Crd khit thit

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