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President Trump Nih Hongkong Buainak Ruang I,Law Thar Cu Min A Sign Cang,China Nih Warning An Pek Cang

US President Trump nih cun,Hongkongers mipi lung awi lo mi zawlrunnak ah, legislature law (phunghram) cu a sign cang.Hi law thar ah hin, Washington nih Hongkong cozah sanctions khawhnak a si. The White House ” The Hongkong Human Rights and Democracy Acts reaffirms and amends, the United States -Hongkong Policy act of 1992 ,specifies US Policy towards Hongkong and directs assessment of the political development in Hongkong” ti si.

Hi Legislation law nih hin,President nih rampi phunghran cung i nawl a ngeihnak ah,kautuk in cawlcangh khawhnak a pek i, US foreign Policy lei zongah lam a hruai lai ti si. Hi Legislation phung thar behchan hin,President Trump nih Hongkong nih chawlehnak leiah a duhsakbik mi hna cu,a tthiahkhawh lai.Washington nih Hongkong cozah sinah, Non Lethal Weapons mipi tthawlnak i a hman tawn mi,Water Canon,Tear gas etc,ramdang sin in a zawrh mi a cawkkhawh lonak dingah sanctions a pek khawh lai ti si.

He Legislation nih hin,China cu a tawnghtuk ko ti si. Monday ah khan,China cozah nih cun, US envoy to China Cherry Branstad cu a auh cawlh i, China cozah nih Cherry Branstad sinah US hi kan ram chung kani zohkhenhnak ah rak i rawlhtuk hlah u ,kan ramchung buainak a si bantuk in, a lehnak nan hmuh cawlh lai tiin Warning an pek ve cang ti si.

President Trump nih, hi legislation law hi,Hongkong mipi nih an cozah hruaitu Carrie lam cungah an lungtlinlonak a kal lio mi le buainak a chuah lengmang caah a si. Trump nih cun, China President Xi Jin Ping le Hongkong mipi hna ani remhkhawhnak dingah ka tuah mi a si tiin a chim ve. Hongkong cozah le China lei hruaitu hna zong nih hi bantuk buainak caan sautuk a kal cang mi hi, nan remhkhawh lai tiah ka zumh tiin Trump nih cun a ti hna. chininternationalnews

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