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Hakha Peng chung :Khuate 45 le’Hakha mihar sa deuh caah’Bawmnak ceilak pek an si than

Hakha peng Chung khua te 45 le Hakha khuachung ah a um mi pumtlamtlinglo hna chungkhar 700 sinah Covid -19 pulrai in an ni runven khawhnak hnga le lock down ruangah ei din ti rawl harsat nak in an him deuhnak hnga ding caah ruahchannak in Facang, chiti, pee le chaphiat bawmhnak pek dingin kan timh tuah lio a si.

Cheukhat hna sinah cun kan pek pah cang hna. Pumtlinglo hna a kan philh lo tu Pathian cu a min thangthat in um ko seh. Amen. By:Hram Dun.

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