NASA Thlahmi Rocket Nih Hlawhtling Tein Mars Vawlei Ah Oxygen A Chuah Khawh!

US Space Agency NASA nih Mars ah a thlahmi Perseverance Rocket nih Oxygen a chuahmi cu a hlawhtling i, hi Rocket nih hin kum 1 renglo Mars ah Oxygen a chuah khawh lai i rian a ṭuan kho lai, tiah August ni 30 cathanh chung ah an langhter.

Perserverance tiah min pekmi Rocket cu February 18, 2021 ah khan Mars vawlei a phan i, a rian cu Mars ah nunnak a um le um lo kawl a si. Amah tein Oxygen chuah kho ding in ser a si i, Nikum kum dongh lei ahkhan Oxygen a chuah khawh, tiah theih a si. Mars cung khuacaan aa thlen ning kip in hneksaknak voi 7 kan tuah i kan i ruahchan ning tluk in Oxygen a chuah khawh, tiah an chim.

Thingkung a thong he aa tlukmi oxygen chuah khotu seh thilri zong Mars vawlei ah kuat rih kan i tim i, Mars vawlei i minung kan kal hlan ah Oxygen kan chiah cia khawh ahcun minung kan va kal tik ah kan hman khawh te lai, tiah cathanh chung ah an langhter.

Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE) nih kan tuahmi Oxygen a chuah khawhnak ding hi a voi khatnak bik kan hlawhtlin a si, tiah Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Scientist Michael Hecht nih cun a chim.

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