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Hakha Khuachung Ah Motorcycle 50 Reng Lo An Tleih

Chinram khualipi Hakha ah Sikan annsuai ning in Cycle a mawng lo mi pawl kha PK pawl nih an tleih dih hna tiah a si. Hi duty nak hi August ni 1 in thok ding a si nain, nikhua a that lo ruang le ruah a surpeng ruang ah an thok kho lo i, August ni 7 long ah an thok khawh. An thok hmasa bik ah Sikan ansuai ning in, a mawng lo mi pawl Motorcycle kha 50 reng lo an tleih hna hi a si.

Hi Kong he pehtlai in PK Bawi Ko Ko Aung nih ” tuchun, August ni 7 ah hin, motorcycle luchin a hmang lo mi le, number a benh lo mi, cycle hnu hi number a tial lo mi kha Kan tleih hna. Kan tleih hnu hna ah, zung ah Kan report hna biaceih tu nih cawiliam ding an khiah hnu hna ah, an Motorcycle cu Kan pek than hna tiah a chim.

Sikan a zul lo mi pawl cu, biaceih zung nih, Zeitin dah, zeizat dah an cawiliam ter hnalai ti cu a fiang loh nain, Hruaitu nawl an zulh lo caah an cawiliam hrimhrim lai ticu a fiang mi a si. Hakha khuasung ah August 7 ihsin thok, motor le motorcycle pawl nitin an check riangring thlang ding ih Lamziin Daan thlu lo pawl cu a į¹­uldan vekin hremnak an nei thlang ding ti`n Khonumthung thuthang in a ngan.

Hakha Khuachung ah August ni 7 thok in, Motor, Motorcycle pawl nichiar an check cang lai i, Sikan suaining in a zul lo mipawl cu a herh ning in hrem an si cang lai tiah thawngthanh nak an nei.

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