••Ukraine bang Anti-tank Missile kan hau ko cang Kan Ngeih Hrim A Herh Cang/,,,.

••Ukraine bang Anti-tank Missile kan hau••
● Kan Chinram ral ka teinkhawhnak ding ah Anti-tank Missile System(ATMS) kan ngeih hrim a herh cang, tiah ka hmuh.

● Ukraine nih Russian pawl an Tank, Mawtaw, Hellicotor le an Vanlawng vial te an hrawh khawhnak cu ATMS hi an hman caah asi.

● ATMS cu a man a fak ko natein Ral kan tuk vek ko ahcun kan ngeih hrim a hau cang in ka hmu. Kan i zuam ttualmal a hau ko hih.

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