PDF Zeirel Loin A Ummi Kyaukyit Palik Sakhan Drone In Bomb An Thlak Hnawh, Sakhanhmu Telh In 5 Nak Tlawmlo An Thi

Sagaing ramṭhen Myaing peng Kyaukyit hmunram sakhan pakhat cu nihin september ni 19 zinglei ah drone in bomb kan thlah tiah Myaing tualchung hriamtlaiphu CDSOM in tuanvo ngeitu pakhat nih a chim.

Kyaukyit palik sakhanhmu nih “PDF pawl nih drone in bomb a kan thlah hnawh ahcun an caah kirnak lam um ti lai loh” tiah tualchung hriamtlaiphu pawl a kan hrocel caah a tuban tukin drone in bomb kan thlah hi a si tiah a chim chap.

Cu lahdohnak ahcun sakhanhmu telhin palik 5 leng an thi tiah palik chungkhar he aa neihniam mi tualchungmi pakhat nih a chim tiah kan theih.

Cu kahdohnak cu Wing of the Irrawaddy, Chaung U Revolutionary Army, CDSOM, Young Fighter le tualchung hriamtlaiphu fonh hna nih kan tuahmi si tiah Wing of the Irrawaddy nih cathanh an chuah.Crd Khit Thit

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