PDF Kalay Battalion 12 Caah Thil Zuarnak An Tuah, Sing 100 Leng An Hmuh

American, Arizona ramkulh Phoenix ah a ummi ramleng phan Myanmar mipi hna nih PDF Kalay battalion 12 ralkap hna caah fund kawlnak an tuah i, sing 100 leng an hmuh tiah theih a si.

Afek i awl zaang tein i hruk khawh dingmi uniform cawknak ding caah thilzuar in fund kawlnak cu October 22 ah an tuah, tutan thil zuar in fund kawlnak tuahmi hi a voihnih nak a si cang tiah theih a si.

Cu fund kawlnak tuahmi ah cun eidin phun kip a zuar i American dollar 3040( Myanmar phaisa in sing 10,640,000) an hmuhkhawh tiah theih a si. A luancia September thla chung ah battalion 12 caah a voi khatnak fund kawlnak tuah a rak si cang i, culio ah cun Myanmar phaisa in sing 80 leng an rak hmuh tiah theih a si. Credit : The Chin Post

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