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R.I.P : Tlangpi Khua Mi Pi Tial Zi Nih Melbourne Ah Mual A Kan Liam Tak

Melbourne Ah Ngaihchiatnak Kan Tong
Melbourne nichuah lei in Chinmi nih ngaihchiatnak kan tong. 30/10/2020 ah Thantlang peng, Tlangpi khua mi Pi Tial Zi, kum 61 nih, Melbourne lei zing suimilam 4:30 ah hi vawlei nunnak in a kan liamtak.

Pi Tial hi cuap cancer in caan sau a kuah hnu ah a tubantuk a kan liamtak hi a si. Fa 6 an ngei i nu 5 le pa pakhat a rohtak hna. 2016 ah Malaysia in an chungkhar Australia an rak phan.

A tu cu rai a thian rih lo caah minung tam nih ngaihchiami hna chungkhar va lenkai khawh a si lo. Tantak mi chungkhar caah thlacam in bawm cio hna usih. Ngaihchiatnak a tuarmi chungkhar hna le khua mi pengtlang hna CBN nih nan ngaihchiatnak kan in hrawmpi hna. Bawipa nih lungthin thawnnak le daihnak he in umpi ko hna seh. Chin Broadcasting Network

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