Phone ah a hawipa le a nupi an sual lio video a hmuh, teirul a cham ning tihnung

US ram Florida ah William Brian timi pa nih a nupi phone a zoh i a hawikom tha bik he ihkhun cung caan an hman lio video a hmuh diam ko, a thinhung tuk i meithal in teirul a cham.

Meithal in a nupi a kah hlei ah a nupi i a nulepa zong a kah chap hna. An pathum in siizung an phan, an nunnak caah phan awk cu a um lo tiah siibawi nih an chim.

William Brian, 39, cu police nih an tlaih colh, police nih bia an hal tik ah a nupi le a hawikom tha bik sualnak an tuah lio video a hmuhnak kong cu a chimh hna hi a si. Kum tampi thonginn ah um ding a si cang.

William Brian le a nupi hi an i si pah lengmang, a kah lio ah a nupi cu a nulepa sin ah a um. Fapa pakhat le fanu pakhat an ngei hna.

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