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Mucu A Kai Liomi Kum 4 Nute Cu Tikhur Ah A Tla I A Nunnak A Liam!

Kum 5 a lut deng cang i an inncar an tikhur ah a nu he an i kholh tti ko lioah a tla sual cu a si. A nu inn chung a luh karte ah a si i baltin in ti than ai timhnak ah a tla.

A nu nih inn chung a luh lai ah tikhur rak zoh hlah mu tiah a ti ta ko nain hngakchia kan ti cu an zer i a nunnak a liam cu a si.

Upa caah cun thih awk tlakin an tikhur hi a thup lo nain hngakchia caah cun nunnak latu a rak si cang.
REF:Myanmar(Tamiang state)

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