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iPhone A Fir Ruangah Ningzak Celh Loin A Nunnak Ai Lami Singer

Singer lawng si loin mui dawh zong a si chih caah follower tampi a ngeimi a si. Anyanee Thainawa,kum 32, a si i a mawtaw chungah a thi ciain an char.

A thih ni hi iPhone fir ruangah bia an ceih lai ni a si. A firmi iPhone hi Apple store i an chiahmi iPhone a si.

A nu le a pa nih cun an fanu palh a si ko tiah an ti nain a mah nih palh ai ti duh loh. Sifah ruangah si loin Anyanee hi a lung a molh pahmi a si tiah a nu le a pa nih an chim.
REF:The Nation

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