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India Hi Kum Khat Hnu Kum Khat In Ttih A Nung Chin Lengmang Cang!

Mah hi Israel ser bomb hi US dollar 43.2 million man a si i a bik in lei tang ah a ummi a ral sakhan umnak pawl a hrawk khotu SPICE-2000 timi bomb a si.

Israel hriamnam sernak company Rafael nih a sermi a si i a hmual a pin rup le a target a nganh lo rup in a man ai deng caah India nih a uar tuknak cu a si.

A tu hnu thla 3 a rau ah mh hi bomb 100 cu Indian Air Force(IAF) ah an phan hna lai. IAF nih a rak hman balmi bomb kha Israel nih upgrade a tuah tthanmi a si i a hmual a fak deuh.

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