Fast & Furious 9 Ah WWE Superstar John Cena Lem A Cang Ve Lai

WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment) lawngah si loin Hollywood zongah min thang a si chihmi John Cena cu a tu hi a sam ai zuah lio a si.


Tawi tein a sam ai met peng nain hlan lio chan movie i thla ding a si caah a tu hi a sam ai met ti loh.

Mah cu a hlan lio chan movie ai thla hlan ah Fast & Furious 9 ah ai tel ve ding a si. F&f miain actor Van Diesel he an ttang tti lai i The Rock balte cu ai tel ti lai loh.

WWE Champion voi 13 a rak la khomi John Cena hi kum 43 a si ve cang i a tu tiangah WWE hlawh sang cem wrestler a si.
REF:Hollywood News

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