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Accident A Tongmi Siahngakchia Nu Cu Nupi Ngei Lo Doctor Pa Nih

Mah hi siahngakchia nu hi kum 25 a si i sianginn a kai pah ah motorcycle accident a tong sual caah a neih cemnak sizungah an kalpi. Lung fim loin a um i X-Ray room ah an chiah lio ah X-Ray leipang ttuanvo a latu doctor pa nih caan ttha ah i ser i a sualpi cu a si.

A hnipuan a phoih dih i zalawng taktak in a sualpi. Van that tukah sualpi a tong lio ah a lung a hung fim i thang taktak in a au colh. Cu caah lengah a ummi a hawile pawl le sizung rian ttuantu pawl cu an rak lut colh i doctor pa cu an tleih colh ve.

Mah hi doctor pa hi nupi ngei lo kum 36 a si i mi ningzah pang ngai a si. Ai dawh tuk caah kai sum kho loh i ka sualpinak cu a si tiah a sualnak cu ai chim. Zei bantuk dantatnak dah an pek lai timi cu an langhter ti loh.
REF:The Nation

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