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A Tlau An Timi Kum 14 Tleirawl Ngaknu Cu A Tlau Bia Si Loin…

A tlaunak zarh 1 reng lo a si cang i a muisam, a kum le a chungkhar phone number cu catlap in lam kam ah an taar hna.

Zarh 1 le ni 3 a rau hnuah khua dang a simi a hawinu innchungkhar hna inn ah an  hmuh. A nu nih over deuh in a sik caah a si.

Zarh 1 leng a cam chung vialte a hawinu te innchungkhar nih an rak dawt tuk i an fa bantuk in an zoh. A tu cu a chungle nih an kirpi cang.

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