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A Tlangval Nih Ngaknu Dang A Duh Taak Ruangah Thih Sii A Ding!

Thailand ram ah a ummi Karen ngaknu dawh Nan Htey Htey Oo cu Myanmar ah a ummi a tlangval nih ngaknu dang a ngeih taak ruangah lung fak in a nunnak ai la cu a si.

Kum 22 te lawng a si rih i Pha An chuak a si. Cun Thai ram i a rak i tthialmi hna pawl harsatnak tawlrel dan training a lim cangmi zong a si fawn.

A ruak an hmuh ah hin a thihnak ni 4 hrawng a rak si cang i a thihnak a ruang hi an kawl tikah thih sii a ding tiin a thihnak cu an fehter.

A thihnak a ruang bik hi a whatapp ah a tlangval he bia an elnak pawl an hmuh caah a tlangval ruangah a si lai tiah an zumh cem.
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