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A Siahngakchia 3 A Sualpitu Sayamah Thong Dan Kum 40 An Pek

Yokasta M, kum 40, va ngei lo a si i Medellin i high school ah sayamah a si. A siahngakchia pa cu zan ah ka riak law mark ttha kan ngahter lai tiah a lemsoi.

Cun na ra duh lo ahcun kan sunghter lai tiah a tlerh chap. A tutan lawng si loin a hlan deuh zongah a siahngakchia pa 3 cu whatapp in thurhnawm hmanthlak pawl a rak kuat hna i an 3 ning tein voi 1 sualpi ah a rak sualpi hna.

A tu a lemsoimi siahngakchia pa a phone cu a pa nih a zoh i dawhcah lo message a hmuh caah an tleih khawhnak cu a si.

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