Ram Pumpi In Thla Sarih Chung Ah Motor Khawndennak Voi 3500 Leng A Cang I, Minung 1700 Leng Nunnak A Liam!

Myanmar ram pumpi, ramkulh le ramṭhen hmunkip ah 2022, January thla in July thla tiang ah motor khawndennak (accident) voi 3533 a cangsual i, aa khawng mi minung 4801 an um, khawndennak (accident) ruang ah nunnak a liam mi minung 1730 an phan, tiah Myanmar traffic police pakhat nih a chim.

“Motor khawndennak voi 3533 chung ah Yangon ramṭhen in voi 577 a cangsual i, motor khawndennak a tambiknak hmun a si. A changtu ah Ayeyarwady ramṭhen in a si i, khawndennak voi 479 a cang. Kum hmasa nak in tukum ah voi 300 hrawng in motor khawndennak hi a tlawm deuh. Aa khawng mi le a thimi zong kum dang nak in an tlawm deuh. Motor khawndennak hi Chin ramkulh le Kaya ramkulh ah tlawmbik a cang,” tiah min langhter duh lo mi traffic police pakhat nih a chim.

A luancia 2021, January thla in August thla tiang ah ram pumpi; ramkulh le ramṭhen hmunkip ah motor khawndennak voi 4158 a um i, aa khawngmi minung 5460 an um. Cu chung ah minung 2075 nunnak a liam. 2021, thla sarih chung motor khawndennak ah Yangon ramṭhen chung ah voi 557 a cang i, Bago ramṭhen chung in voi 532 a cang, tiah theih a si.

Motor khawndennak a chuahnak a ruang bik hna cu; rang tuk i motor khalh ruangah, motor khalh pah ngut ruang ah, lam tan tik i ralrin lo ruang ah, motor khalh tik i ralrinlo ruang ah, motor kee kuai ruang ah le seh ṭhat lo ruang ah tibantuk hna an si, tiah traffic police rian in aa din cang mi pakhat nih a chim. Credit : The Chin Post

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