Pathein Vanlawng Tual In SAC Ralbawi Pakhat Le Ralkap 3 An Zaam!

Ayeyarwaddy ramṭhen khualipi, Pathein khuapi SAC vanlawng ṭumtual in ralbawi pakhat le ralkap 3 cu an zaam, tiah SAC ralkap he naihniam mi pakhat nih a chim. Pathein vanlawng ṭumtual in a zaam mi ralbawi pakhat le ralkap 3 hna cu Naypyidaw vanlawng ṭumtual ah an kawl len hna nain an hmu rih hna lo, tiah a chim chap.

A zaam mi ralkap hna nih an ID card an chiahta ruang ah khua luhchuahnak kip ah SAC ralkap nih ID card an check, tiah theih a si. Cu lawng siloin Einmay khua um mi khah-lah-yah 63 in ralkap cheukhat zong an zaam caah a pawngkam khua luhchuahnak le mibu an um deuhnak kip cu ID card an check hna, tiah theih a si.

Ayeyarwaddy ramṭhen Pathein khua nitlak thlanglei um SAC ralkap pawl ID card cu cunglei nih an fimpiak dih hna, tiah SAC ralkap hna an chungle sin in theih a si.

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