British Nih Min Aung Hlaing A Fale Pahnih An Company Cu Phih Khamnak An Tuah

Min Aung Hlaing a fale pahnih Khin Thiri Thet Mon le Aung Pyih Sone hna i an Company 2 telh in SAC he pehtlaihnak a ngeimi Company 3 cu, British cozah nih phihkhamnak a tuah, tiah theih a si.

Min Aung Hlaing fanu Company a simi, Star Sapphire Group of Companies, a fapa Company, Sky One le International Gateways Group of Companies Limited (IGG) cu, SAC ralkap he pehtlaihnak an ngeih caah phihkhamnak an tuah, tiah theih a si.

Cu pin ah British nih, Myanmar ram nih miphun cihmihnak thil a tuah tiah International Court Of Justic(ICJ) ah taza a cuaitu Cambia lei ah ka ṭang, tiah British nih cun cathanh a chuah.

British cozah, Minister for Asia Amanda Milling nih cun, “Zalonnak le Democracy phung buar ding in thil a tuahtu hna cu dantatnak kan tuah peng hna lai. Rohingya miphun lei ah kan ṭang peng lai i, Myanmar ram ralkap nih ṭihnung tuksapur in miphun cihmih dih tiang in thahnawnnak an tuahmi zong kan cohlang lo,” tiah an langhter.

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