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USA Paih Pa Thawng Uk Ling Thang Nih Thlantlang CND Zuamcawh Le Zatlang Paih Ah Champion A Hmuh

Kum 72nak Chin Miphun Ni Thantlang tuah nak ah Lai paih Zuamcawh le Zatlang paih ah US in a rak tlung mi Uk Ling Thang (Hniarlawn) nih Buan (Champion) a co.

Tutan Paih ah Zuamcawh le Zatlang paih ah pakhatnak Uk Ling Thang, tambik a tei tu cu Biak Hnin Cung (minung 21 teitu), Club (aphu) paih zuamnak ah Hakha peng Hniarlawn Club, Zuamcawh pahnihnak laksawng Biak Hnin Cung hna nih laksawng an hmuh. Tutan ah Paih laksawng phun nga an tuah khawh.

Tutan an laksawng cu Ks. 500,000 le Roca pin ah a lenglei in laksawng pek mi he minung pakhat nih laksawng sing 10 tluk an hmuh tiah tuanvo ngeitu sin in theih a si. thechinlandpost

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