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Thawngpang Tha – UNHCR Card Thar caah Appointment Lak khawh a si cang hih – A lak ning ding kong kan van langh ter

Kuala Lumpur : UNHCR Card le Catlap a ngei rih lomi pawl cu December 2 in UNHCR website ah min pawk i, UNHCR officer tawn nak ding ah a ppointment lak khawh a si cang tiin UNHCR nih Malaysia ralzam community sin ah thawng a thanh. Appointment Laknak/ Hmet (Link ah khin lut law appoinment na tuah khawh ve lai).

Appointment tiangning : Na min, Gmail le phone number na tial lai i “Contact Preference” timi ah khan phone tiin na hmeh lai. Select Concern timi ah “Request a Registratin Appointment” timi na hmeh lai. UNHCR carld le cathlap a ngei ballo mi na si ah cun “Does this concern a person who i already registered with UNHCR” timi ah khan “No” na ti lai.

UN Card a ngei konain chuhmi na si ah cun “Yes” timi na hmeh piak lai i UN Card number na tial lai. Date of Birth ah khan na chuah ni le thla na tial lai i “Country of Origin” ah Myanmar na ti lai. “Ethnicity” ah Chin, Religion ah christian tiin na ti hna lai. Date of Arrival in Malaysia ah khan Malaysia na phak ni na tial lai.

“Number of Additional Family Members to be registered” timi ah minung pakhat belh na duh ah cun “1” tiin na tial lai i a min le a konglam tial nak ding a ra lai. Na phit dih viar hnu ah “Send” timi kha na hemh lai i UNHCR office ah a phan colh lai. Cu hnu ah cun an van in call lai i officer na tawn khawh ding ni le caan cu an van in chimh te lai.

Appoinment a lut mi a tamtuk lai caah phone in an van in call colh lo hmnah ah lungsau tein hngah i zuam hram. Voikhat na phit cang ko a si ah cun phi than ti duh hlah, caan a rauh ter chinchin sual lai. UN ton nak ding ah cun appointment hi siam hrimhrim a haerh nain card a tlau mi pawl report nak ding ah le card renew ding pawl ah cun appointment hi a herh lem loh.

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