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Nihnih Chung Kawl Ralkap Bomb Thlaknak in Chinmi 21 Nunnak Liam

Kawl ralkap nih Paletwa peng chung khuate pathum ah vanlawng in bomb a thlak i nihnih chung ah minung 21 an liam pin ah a dang minung 28 hliamhma an pu. March 14 ah Meihsawa khuate ah Kawl ralkap nih AA kan kah hna an ti i vanlawng in bomb an thlak ruang ah minung 12 bak an nunnak a liam. A dang minung 15 hliamhma an pu.

March 15 ah Watma khuate ah Kawl ralkap nih bomb an thlak tthan i minung 8 an nunnak a liam hnu ah a dang minung 12 hliamhm an pu hna. Cun, March 15 ah Piangtin khuate ah vanlawng bomb an thlak tthan i minung 1 a nunnak a liam i a dang pakhat hliamhma a pu.

A cunglei thil sining hi March 16, chun sml. 1:00 tiang thil sining a si i. Bomb thlaknak an tonnak khuate pawl in khuami tampi an zaam i Paletwa peng chung ah ralzam 2,000 hrawng an i chap tthan cang. chinjournal

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