Kanpetlet Sianginn Ah Umhmun A Khuarmi SAC Ralkap 2 Sniper In Kahthah An Tong

Chinland, Kanpetlet khuapi, Office of General Administration Department le High School ah umhmun a khuarmi SAC ralkap Brigade 55 in ralkap 2 cu Sniper in kahthah an tong.

“SAC ralkap Brigade 55 umhmun an khuar nak Office of General Administration Department chung cu July 11 ah voikhat, July 12 chun Sml 11:00 in 2:00 tiang High school ah umhmun a khuarmi hna cu kan kah hna” tiah Chin Defense Force Kanpetlet tuanvo ngeitu pakhat nih a chim.

A nikhatnak kan kah hna ah SAC ralkap a thimi an um le um lo kan thei lo, kanmah lei cu kan i hliam lo. Nizan ah High School um mi hna kan va kah i SAC ralkap 2 an thi ti cu fiang tein kan theih.

Sniper in kan kah hna. Cu kaa zawn i um hmun a khuarmi SAC ralkap hi Brigade 55 an si tiah kan theih. High school ah hin palik battalion zong an i tel. Office of General Administration Department ah cun a dang battalion zong an um tiah theih a si” tiah CDF Kanpetlet tuanvo ngeitu nih a chim. Credit : The Chin Post

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