Breaking News : Mizoram le Manipur Ramkulh Ah Hriamnam Le Rithaisii An Tlaih

Myanmar le India ramri Mizoram le Manipur ah hriamnam le rithaisii he minung 3 kan tlaih hna tiah Assam Rifles nih an thanh. Tamu pengkomh he a peh mi Manipur ramkulh, Ukhrul pengkomh ah Bing 5 kg a rit mi 500000Rs man cu July 19 ah a phortu 2 hna he tlaih an si tiah Asaam Rifles nih an thanh.

Manipur ramkulh Senapati – Ngatan- Khamaom kalnak lam ah AK- 56 meithal pakhat, Pistol 2nle meithal kuan cu July 20 ah Assam Rifles nih an tlaih hna. Mizoram ramkulh, LaungTlai District ah July 21 ah Pistol 2, meithal kuan le Thel pak 5 cu a phortu pa he an tlaih hna tiah Assam Rifles nih an thanh. Credit : The Chin Post

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